The most popular butchery among the discerning, quality conscious consumers in Kwa Zulu Natal, Ideal Butchery has built a reputation for its vast and high-quality product selection. At Ideal Butchery, we source only the highest quality grass-fed, locally-raised, animals from hand-picked local farms offering all natural meats, superior in taste and value, coupled with legendary quality.

Ideal butchery caters for a wide range of consumers. Alongside the usual suspects (meat, sausages, mince), you’ll also find cheaper cuts, a deli and bakery to complement the Ideal products we have to offer. Should we not have it in stock you can rest assured that it will be delivered by pre-order. Despite the range of our customer’s needs, we source the very best meat and quality ingredients for our processed meat products making Ideal noted for our superior products.

With Ideals, you can take comfort knowing the person who’s trimming your steak or slicing your mutton is a qualified block-man experienced in catering to the whims of our discerning clientele.
Now in the hands of the Third generation butcher Yunus Vadia, Ideal butchery has been a fixture in every family Saturday morning shopping since 1939. We proudly uphold up the honor of being the oldest established butchery in Kwa-Dukuza and amongst the oldest in South Africa, leaving very few butchers nationwide capable of competing with the service and value for money Ideal has to offer.

Visit us and celebrate our excellence as the genuinely Ideal Butchery.